Your continuing support is very important in helping us to maintain the activities of Les Rencontres internationales de Lure. The size of our membership adds weight to our influence upon, and to our credibility with, our partners. The association was founded more than sixty years ago. We have an independent outlook, and a warm welcome for new members . The association has a number of unique features . These we continue to develop within the context of, and sometimes as a counterpoint to, changing fashions. We therefore actively seek and encourage you to consider becoming a member.

Membership includes

  • 3 reports per year of the association’s activities [La Lettre]
  • 6 newsletters per year [infolure]
  • Members’ priority for available Graphic Culture Week places each summer

Membership costs

Our policy is to keep these as low as possible in order to encourage your support and attendance. Membership runs from January to December.

  • students, under 30’s, job-seekers, over 65’s : 20€
  • individual : 50€
  • business (up to 3 individuals) : 100€
  • support : discretionary donation from 50,50€

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